1st grades English blog 6


  • A listening activity, saying and acting out the dialogue” A: please passs the yellow pen

B: here you are

A: thank you!”

  • listening  and chanting “ We say please and thank you too

We say please and thank you too

Little words are easy to say

So let’s remember them everyday.

  • A guessing game “ putting different objects in a bag , asking questions to find the item

“ Is it a pen? İs it a blue pen ?Yes it is / no it isn’t       Is it a marker? İs it a red marker? Yes it is / no it         isn’t…

  • Looking at three different  pictures  and   finding how they are made

1- crayon and paint : fish

2-feathers:a grey bird

3-paper shapes and glue:Brown dog

  • Asking and answering questions “ what is May using to make a Picture?( paint, crayon)

what is Sam using to make a Picture?(paper , glue)

what’s this? What colour is it?”

  • Listening to a song and singing it.
  • Making an animal Picture.

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