kındergarten no:8

  • Asking and answering questions about the Picture on p:24, “ How many children are there? – three What are they doing? -Playing with toys.  What kind  of toys are there? – ball, cars, rabbit, dolls, bus, duck, cat .  What’s in the blue circle?  -bus, cat, duck . What’s in the yellow circle? – bus, cat, duck.

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2nd grades no:8

  • Checking the workbook exercises
  • Reading ; “I can skateboard “ learning the new vocabulary” watch, slow down, wait” practicing Can you ( run, fly, sing…? – Yes I can – No I can’t. Learning the meaning of “ I want to…”,,
  • Understanding the story , asking and answering questions, reading and acting the story
  • Listening to a song “ My super sister” Learning the new vocabulary ( skateboard, dive, draw, skate, paint, ride a horse , sporty, paint, draw, read, write, clever.”singing the song together

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3rd grades no:8

  • A listening exercise to practice present continuous tense, choosing the right Picture , understanding what each person is doing in each Picture.
  • A reading and listening exercise to revise the parts of the house , guessing where each person in the family is doing
  • Reading ; A famous artist. Asking and answering questions to understand the maning of famous , reading about the three famous pictures of Pablo Picasso, learning the meaning of the new words in the text ( Painting, playing clarinet/ guitar/ artist, meal.)
  • Asking and answering questions to understand the pictures better. “ Who is the artist?

What is the name of the first painting? What can you see in the Picture? What does she look

like? What is she doing?  What is the name of the second painting? What can you see in the                         Picture?  what are the children doing?  What’s the name of the third Picture? What can you see in              the picture?  What are each person doing in the Picture?”

  • A listening exercise to say the names of the paintings

Doing extra exercises to practice present continuous tense



2-A Sınıfı Bilişim Teknolojileri Dersi

Yeni haftadan merhabalar,

Biz bu haftaki dersimizde Minik Kaplanlar ile kodlamaya başladık. Daha önceki derslerimizde adımlarımızı ve yönümüzü ok işaretleri ile belirliyorduk. Öğrenciler derse geldiklerinde “Bugün Minecraft ile kodlama yapacağız.” dediğimde tahmin edileceği üzere çok sevindiler, fazlasıyla ilgilerini çekti. Bir an önce derse başlamak istediler. Devamını Oku

1st graders blog no: 8

  • Revising the words “ catch, build, climb, kick, run, walk” with a card game and sticking their pictures on the book.
  • Playing a robot game ; One student is the robot and other student is the one who uses remote control. The students ask if  the robot can do the actions and the controlling student says yes, he/she can  or can’t and the robot student acts what is told.
  • A story : “Playing with prickley “listening to the story and explaining the meanings of “skip quickly, slowly, great job, under(the fence)” Asking and answering questions to understand the story beter.” Where are Prickley , benny and Fifi? What are they doing? Can Prickley run fast? Can Prickley catch? Can Prickley crawl under the fence? What is Benny good at? What is Fifi good at? and what is Prickley good at?
  • Listening to a song “ looking at the Pictures of Benny , Fifi and Prickley on the book and following the  song
  • Singing and acting out the song together with the class. Asking and answering “ what can a hedgehog ( a bear and a fox) do?
  • Doing the workbook exercises , revising the subjects.

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