4th grades English blog no:8

  • A listening and reading activity ; The table tenis match , revising simple present tense ( Does Poppy play table tenis? Yes she does / No She doesn’t. Asking and answering questions about the match.” Where’s Hayley going? What does she do on Wednesdays? What does josh want? Does he think table tenis is easy?…”
  • Reading and listening activity : White Wind , learning the new words ( win, lose, train,trainer, team) Asking and answering questions in simple present tense “ Does white wind like winnig? Do they train everyday? Does he live near you? Does he eat special food? Does he talk to you? , answering true / false questions
  • Understanding bar charts . reading about Kelly’s sports  routine and talking about her bar chart showing  her steps she has taken during the week “ . How many steps does she take on Wednesday/ Monday / friday…? She takes  ten thousand steps on friday …)
  • Let’s explore: A listening and reading activity about the children doing sports . ( To be good at, win/ lose against somebody, local champions, train, brilliant, ice rink, skate) “ Is Mel in the football team? Where does Ella train? ..”

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