kındergarten no:8

  • Asking and answering questions about the Picture on p:24, “ How many children are there? – three What are they doing? -Playing with toys.  What kind  of toys are there? – ball, cars, rabbit, dolls, bus, duck, cat .  What’s in the blue circle?  -bus, cat, duck . What’s in the yellow circle? – bus, cat, duck.

Is the cat new in yellow circle? Is the cat old in blue circle?   Where are the old toys?  – in the

blue circle.  Where are the new toys ? –in the yellow circle.

  • Circling the new toys with yellow pencil, circling the old toys with blue pencil .
  • Talking about the new and the old objects in the classroom . Asking and answering “ Is it

new? /is it  old?

  • Doing workbook exercises; colouring old objects yellow  and the new objects blue
  • Bringing our old and new toys to the classroom and presenting them to the class.” This is my cat, it is new , this is my car it is old…
  • Playing a game with cards. One student chooses a card and lets the other students guess it by asking questions “ Is it a crayon/pencil/ book / bag…? The first child to guess the object correctly , takes the turn .
  • A workbook activity: Colouring the teddy bear, drawing eyes ,nose and mouth, sticking it to a cartoon and presenting it “ this is my teddy bear “


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