1 ST GRADES blog no.10

  • Looking at the Picture in the classbook page32 and matching the characters with the activities they can do in the park. Asking and answering the things we can do in the park”can you climb/ build/ fly a balloon/swing/jump/ kick…
  • Using the flash cards students create their own exercise routine, they climb/ run/ kick/ jump… and everybody dance with their own exercise routine.When the music stops ask and answer what each student are doing.
  • Introduction to unit three( Who makes you happy):Asking and answering about the characters in the Picture.”Who are they ? What are they doing?What is Sam/ May/Anna/ Mom/Dad /girl/boy doing? Introducing the words” hungry, thirsty,lively,tired,sad,happy”revising the actions climb,crawl,jump”Listening the recording and pointing to the pictures
  • Asking and answering who makes us happy. -Dad/ mom/ my sister/ brother/ my friend… makes me happy and what makes us happy.- playing games, drawing pictures, climbing trees,birthdays, flying kite…
  • Doing the workbook exercise on page27 and matching the people to the objects and saying how each person feels.
  • A listening and sticking Picture exercise on the classbook. asking and answering” how do you feel today?- I’m hungry/ thirsty/ happy/ sad/tired/lively.