2 nd GRADES blog no:10

  • Let’s explore :reading and listening about the children playing different instrument in a band.

Asking and answering questions “ How many people are in the band? What are their names?What can they do? Introducing the new vocabulary” (band/singing)practice,  guitar(lesson), band, keyboard, hero, (school) concert,  fantastic.”

  • Sticking musical insrtuments to the board and talking about them “ I can play the recorder, I can sing but  I can’t play the violin…”
  • Listening and reading a story” Space explores” ıntroducing the new vocabulary; aliens, information, planet.” Asking and answering questions to understand the story beter.” Whatcolour is the planet? Can Kitty play football? Can Robot see the aliens? Has kitty got a map ? Has Jim got a notebook and a pen?  Has Mac got a camera? Who has the camera? What has Jim got? Have they got the camera? Has Jim got the football now? Who has got the football now?
  • Acting out the story