1st grade Native, March 26th to April 6th

We started the first week with our lesson about the beehive. The children marked bits of yellow paper and drew and cut the antennae and made bee headbands. I had made some flowers out of yarn and put them on the ground in the classroom. We put bits of yellow playdough in the middle of the flowers as ‘nectar’ and ‘pollen’. The ‘bees’ gathered and brought them to the beehive.
Our next lesson was about the game of hopscotch. The children each chose a number, drew, colored, and cut it on cardboard, and we made a hopscotch map on the ground with pieces of rope and the numbers they had made. Then they all learned and played it in turns.
Our final work was about farm animals. We learned the names of different farm animals, and the children each chose one that they liked, drew it on a folded paper, and then cut the bottom so to make a standing farm animal.

In the second week, the children took up their animals again, made a farm with different ‘stables’ and added the animals to them. Then, each child had to find the letters for their animal from the printed alphabet that is used in class for this purpose, and then they made the name of the animal in front of it in the farm.

After this, we also reviewed our lesson about Weekdays be learning about the Number Farm and all that happens in it on each weekday. Finally the children made paper finger puppets of each farm animal and sang the Old McDonalds song while playing with each animal puppet.