2nd grade Native, March 26th to April 6th

We continued our work on animals and animal parts this week. The children each chose one animal, they made different parts and masks of that animal for themselves out of cardboard, and put them on with strings.
We also learned about the animals that live in a desert. We learned their different names and how to write them in a pretty coloring worksheet, which was afterwards projected onto the board and they came in turns and found the alphabet letters for each of their names from the laminated alphabet in the classroom and taped them onto the board into words.
Finally, we learned about the two groups of: pets, or animals we keep in the house, and farm animals, or animals that live on the farm. The children were divided into groups, for the pets and the farm animals. Each group received a cardboard that they had to turn into a farm or into a house, and add the animals by drawing, coloring, cutting and pasting.

We next made animals out of yarn pompoms. We projected a screen of images of animals that have fur, and so can be made from yarn, and then each child again chose one animal and used a close color of yarn to make it. During this activity we also learned about the words and phrases related to making pompoms, such as winding the yarn, making a bundle, tying, etc.

On the last day of school we rounded up our animal project by a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose,” in which the names of other animals were also used so to help review them for the children.