5th grade Native, March 26th-April 6th

In the beginning of the week, we finished any of the posters that we had not been able to finish before.
We also continued watching the animated play script of Romeo and Juliet, which helps makes the text simpler by narrating in a modern language while it also displays Shakespeare’s original dialogues. I drew their attention to the more general forms of old English, such as ‘thee’, ‘thou’, ‘thy’.
We also played a game related to first conditionals, in which the children wrote present and future tense verbs that then they would randomly combine with the ones from others, using ‘if’ in the middle, so to create new conditional sentences on the whiteboard. Some very funny statements came out of this.
We finally worked on the structure of ‘how’ and different adjectives: “how tall, how high, how fast, how long, how far”
To answer each question, we had an activity performed by all the children. For ‘how tall’ their heights were measured, for how high, they had to jump to see how high they could jump, or ‘how fast’ they could run, ‘how long’ they could keep on saying a word, and ‘how far’ their self-made paper planes could fly.

In the second week, we have just begun learning about the future tense, using ‘will’, ‘would’, ”ll’.