2nd Grade, Native English

In reviewing what we have learned about foods, we played a game in which the children came to the board and while the pictures of various foods were projected, they had to choose their ‘favorite’ food and find and paste the letters for that food from the printed alphabet, on the whiteboard, in a countdown.
In the next session, we first started by introducing our internal body organs, the lungs, with which we breath, the heart, which pumps blood in our body, the stomach, in which the food we eat goes to, and the kidneys, that help us send the remainder of the food out. Then one of the children lied down on a big chart paper and the others traced around her body with markers. Then I gave each of them one printed body organ, they colored and cut it, and had to look at the body picture on the board so to put it in the correct place – with minor help from me in this stage -and then after my writing the name of the organs beside them, in the next hour, the children received printed pictures of different groups of foods that were good for each organ. They cut these out and then brought them to me. After asking the name of the food if they did not know it, they would ask me for which body part that food is good for, and they would then stick that food near the relevant body part. This helped them to review both their knowledge of the food name, the name of the body part, and their connection together.

In the end, in order to better understand the topic of foods, we focused on fruits and vegetables, the names and shapes of both, their differences, and how they should be sorted into two different groups