3rd Grade, Native English

In continuing work on our House for Rent posters, we also brought an English magazine to the classroom from which the children chose, cut, and pasted any picture that they fancied and that which they thought was in line with their posters. These new pictures gave so much life and color to o
The previous work, while most of the images also had typed words and titles on them that further helped the children learn about relevant words and subjects.
In the next topic in which we moved on with our videobooks, the children were taught how to draw, cut, and make a little cube, by drawing six similar squares in a line and sticking them, in line with a part in their lesson that also talked about different tools and how to use them to measure, cut, and make stuff.
The other fun thing that we have done in our class during these two weeks to spice up the somewhat repetitive videobook routine was to play a Hangman game from the list of vocabulary that we have learned in each episode or lesson.