4th Grade, Native English

We have still been going on with our Videobook of the Close Shave during the past two weeks. However, there have been many other activities related to the episodes that at the same time change the somewhat monotonous routine, and which the children have loved. One constant spice to these lessons have been the online Hangman Game, in which I enter the list of words we learn for each episode beforehand, and then the children have to guess letter by letter, and which has had amazing effect on their spelling and memorization of the words.
Also, in one of the lessons connected to wool and yarn, I cut and distributed strings of yarn among the class, by which we played a string game. This activity was very refreshing- and pretty much challenging- for the whole class, but I believe it has been a first step in learning how to perform the very vital skill of string playing, and also a refresher to our video lessons.