Second Grade Native English Class, May 28th to June 8th


In the beginning of this fortnight, we worked on several worksheets ranging from simple common words that are used in the classroom, to harder words, for which the children matched, wrote, and also did crossword puzzles. We also played a Name Game, for which we chose letters and the children wrote words that they remembered in each category that started with those letters. The categories were chosen so to review what we had learned so far, including Animals, Fruits, Food. They finally blew bubbles from our bubble cup as their prizes.

We also made little origame houses to review our Parts of the House. The house that they made had different rooms, and they named the rooms to me, drew different furniture in them, and also wrote the names in the bottom to really learn them better.

In the next session, we did a pantomime game. First we watched a small video about different animals in the wild. Then the children came to me, wrote the name of an animal they chose on a piece of paper, for which I fixed the dictation for them just then and which was sometimes written in a very phonological manner :) and then they had to play the animal for their friends. This activity both worked on remembering the words and on their spelling. The winners again blew through our bubble maker.
In the next lesson we worked on ‘retelling stories’. A video story book was played for them. Once I myself read the book from the pictures, and once I let them listen to the video. Then I asked them to draw anything they wanted about what happened in the story. Then they came to the board, held up their drawings, and explained to their classmates what was happening.
In the final session, we made ‘dream catchers’. We first watched a short animation about dream catchers, which showed the children how Native Americans make them, and they are supposed to keep off ‘bad dreams’ and so they ‘make you see only good dreams’. The children each received a small plastic plate, for which I showed them how to cut out the middle part. Then I told them to draw around the plate, all the pretty and good things that they liked to dream about. While they drew I punched the plates for them, they chose a yarn color, and started weaving the yarn around the plate. In the end they chose feathers of two colors and tied them at the end of their yarn. I would have loved to use the opportunity then to start ‘telling about our dreams’ if we got more time, but unfortunately we didn’t.