English – Eager Beavers


We started off the quarter with getting to know each other, adjusting to our new system of leveled English lessons as well as establishing classroom agreements. Before the kicked off with the course material we read some rhyming stories and followed up with worksheets. This allowed us to assess what the children know. It was fun to read aloud and fill in some funky poems parallel to the rhymes. Within the Language strand of the English lessons the main structure is based on the Cambridge Super Minds 2 Student and Work book.

We started off with the first Chapter learning about school objects and numbers from 20-100. Thunder, Flash, Whisper and Misty, the characters of the book, were introduced. Playing bingo as well as the games provided by the software of the book, the students were able to consolidate vocabulary. The second chapter of the book is about daily routines and we are half way through it. Students are learning how the read the time, when they do their daily activities like to have breakfast, go to school, have dinner and go to bed etc. Coming up is some craft work in which students will make their own clocks and a poster related to their individual daily routines.

That’s it for now, see you in 2 weeks!

Ms. Cey