English – Wise Owls


The beginning of the year was a shock for most of the children. First time they rotated different classrooms within their schedule, mixed up with students from other grades and met their  new teacher: me! Ms. Cey. First two weeks was spent disscussing classroom agreements, seating arrangements and getting to know each other. We played games of true or false, answered questionaires about each other and did many many word searches.


In the third week of the quarter the began talking about classroom objects. It was a challenge for the Owls to manage their stationary independently, having shared all their materials at group tables in their homerooms. After many puzzles and vocabulary exercises we decided to create an individual English Pencilcase for every child. Students decided what would be in their pencilcases, created a front page with their name and design, put together a list of contents and prepared a tag stating how many of each item there is in it. It was great to see the children express their personal styles through the cover page.

Playing Bingo is always an all-time favorite to consolidate our vocabulary with a little competition.20191104_142526

While we were working on our Pencilcases as an on going project, we started looking at auxiliary verbs, plural and singular nouns, how they are structured in sentences. Students practiced writing, copying and forming full sentences. Owls also got a chance to apply their knowledge of shapes, colors, prepositions and nouns through an exercise called “Do Now!” at the beginning of each lesson. 20191101_190528Working as a means of formative assessement they come in, check the board and read the instructions to draw a given sentence with a time limit. For example “There is a pair of scissors between two rulers.” or “Five things that are purple”. It’s light and fun way to start our lessons and review acquired knowledge.

Throughout the last week before the Celebration of the Rep20191104_142009ublic we read a story called “Miss Nelson is Missing” by Harry Allard about the mystery surrounding classroom 207 and their teacher. First of we read half of the text and stopped in the middle to talk about what they thought happened to Miss Nelson and made a Missing Poster individually.20191104_141931

Wise Owls are still settling in and will learn more English through the course of the year. We are looking forward to the next semester in which we will have more hand-on activities and small projects and definately more photos!

Let us know what you


Love, Ms. Cey




The main course book of our Language lessons within the English classes is called Super Minds 2. The book makes up a small portion of what we do during the lessons. We adopt a hollistic approach to our lessons supporting it with games, worksheets, audio-visual materials. On top of speaking, listening and reading skills we are focusing on writing skills and practice weekly.

Parallel to our academic Plan of Inquiry; students learned about school objects, parts of a school, professions of the people who work in a school and school subjects. As part of a formative assessement Owls designed name badges for the teachers and administrators in the school.

We worked on our essential agreements together. All of us have two chances to speak in English each day. Before we speak Turkish we push the Turkish button and write our names on it. This motivates students to speak in English and more importantly pay extra attention.

The content of our first unit were verbs, daily routines and hours. Students created fictional characters and their daily routines. Each gave a presentation to the class asking and answering questions of who and when.

See you next time!

Ms. S