English Prep Grades – Crabs & Super Birds


Picking up from where we left off with after discussing the parts of house the students went on and modelled their imaginary homes from wooden blocks. We talked about what is where with questions such as ‘where can I take a shower?’, ‘Where is the garage?’, ‘I’m hungry, where is the kitchen?’ Next, each student made a sketch of their house with pencil and paper talking about their creation with their peers.

Julia Donaldson, an all-time favorite, was once again our choice with ‘Room on the Broom’. The did our usual sorting, sequencing, crafts and coloring activities. As the season progressed we read Stickman from the same author. Children made their own stick people using the branches they’d brought back from Permakamp. The stick puppets were a hit for a while taking lead in their role playing games during break times.

The same routine was repeated with a few traditional tales including Gooldilocks and Three Bears. New vocabulary from the text included; hot, cold, sweet, salty, sour, Daddy, Mommy, bed, bowl and chair. As Christmas approached we moved on to Gingerbread Man. The rhyming in the book was a hit: Run, Run as fast as you can! You can’t Catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man.

Crabs worked on some Christmas tree decorations using mixed media and plenty of glitteer. Later they sold them in the potluck sale the school organized to raise money for an NGO. This allowed some acquition of new vocabulary while consolidating others such as; snow, snowflake, button, tree, body, decoration, bell, star, ribbon, glitter, colors.

Students are showing interest in everything related to space and planets which will be our next source of materials, we’ll be tailoring the content around this theme.

Take Care!

Ms. Cey