Girdi yapan Yasemin Dağ

kındergarten no:8

Asking and answering questions about the Picture on p:24, “ How many children are there? – three What are they doing? -Playing with toys.  What kind  of toys are there? – ball, cars, rabbit, dolls, bus, duck, cat .  What’s in the blue circle?  -bus, cat, duck . What’s in the yellow circle? – bus, […]

2nd grades no:8

Checking the workbook exercises Reading ; “I can skateboard “ learning the new vocabulary” watch, slow down, wait” practicing Can you ( run, fly, sing…? – Yes I can – No I can’t. Learning the meaning of “ I want to…”,, Understanding the story , asking and answering questions, reading and acting the story Listening […]

3rd grades no:8

A listening exercise to practice present continuous tense, choosing the right Picture , understanding what each person is doing in each Picture. A reading and listening exercise to revise the parts of the house , guessing where each person in the family is doing Reading ; A famous artist. Asking and answering questions to understand […]

1st graders blog no: 8

Revising the words “ catch, build, climb, kick, run, walk” with a card game and sticking their pictures on the book. Playing a robot game ; One student is the robot and other student is the one who uses remote control. The students ask if  the robot can do the actions and the controlling student […]

4th grades English blog no:8

A listening and reading activity ; The table tenis match , revising simple present tense ( Does Poppy play table tenis? Yes she does / No She doesn’t. Asking and answering questions about the match.” Where’s Hayley going? What does she do on Wednesdays? What does josh want? Does he think table tenis is easy?…” […]

5 th grades English blog no.8

Unıt two: Communication ; Asking and answering “ How often do you have face to face conversation with friends/ send a text message/an e mail/a letter / a card/call someone from a mobile phone / landline ,Use instant messaging /video chat/ symbols/emoticons / emojis/ post messages on social media? “ all the time, often, sometimes, […]

4th GRADES no:7

Unit two “let’s do sport”. Introducing the new vocabulary ” go skateboarding/go swimming/go riding/play tabletennis/play volleyball/ play badminton/ do gymnastics/do karate Classbook listening activity; matching the people doing different sports. Asking and answering questions in class” Do you play tennis?  – Yes I do/ no I don’t. Doing a listening activity, matching the pictures with […]

5th GRADES no:7

Reading Rachel’s personal profile for a web page an discussing how to write it. Writing a personal profile for a web page. Using ” I like/enjoy/prefer/ hate/, I’m (not) really bothered about… I’m (not) a big…fan  , I’m into…” Revision of prepositions ” on , at ,in.” a pair game; each pair writes five sentences […]

2nd GRADES no:7

  Unit two “let’s play”  . Introducing the new vocabulary with a chant ” play computer games, play football/basketball/tennis/the piano/The violin/the drums/the recorder. A listening activity; saying the names of the people in the picture doing different activities. Asking and answering what each person can do in the picture Asking and answering questions about the […]

3rd GRADES no :7

Revising present continuous tense, doing the listening exercise ” what is Lucy doing?” Playing a game; asking and answering questions to find the right picture. Ex:                                                           […]