Girdi yapan Yasemin Dağ

Kındergarten blog no: 9

Revising classroom objects and toys.Finding the objects in the poster and colouring them. Askig and answering questions “ How many books can you see in the classroom? What’s on the table? what colour is it? Where is Teddy? Can you see a red pencil? Where is the back pack?… Introduction to unit three( how many […]

1 ST GRADES blog no.10

Looking at the Picture in the classbook page32 and matching the characters with the activities they can do in the park. Asking and answering the things we can do in the park”can you climb/ build/ fly a balloon/swing/jump/ kick… Using the flash cards students create their own exercise routine, they climb/ run/ kick/ jump… and […]

2 nd GRADES blog no:10

Let’s explore :reading and listening about the children playing different instrument in a band. Asking and answering questions “ How many people are in the band? What are their names?What can they do? Introducing the new vocabulary” (band/singing)practice,  guitar(lesson), band, keyboard, hero, (school) concert,  fantastic.”

5th GRADES blog no.10

Writing: a report on a survey, using but and however.Asking student’s favourite singers and which songs do they find easy to understand in English. Reading the communication survey and explaining that we need to write a report after a survey.Reading the survey questions and answering them according to us.Doing exercise 2  to use key phrases […]

3 rd GRADES blog no:10

Asking and answering questions to understand the story” space explores”. “ Where is captain Sully? What’s wrong with the spaceship? Who is in the kitchen?  Where is Jim? Who is eating the food in the kitchen? Is it the alien ? what is Pink Grabber doing? Reading and acting out the story again Listening and […]

4 th GRADES blog no: 10

A reading and listening activity” Trotter’s Tours” introducing the characters , and trying to guess what is the story about. Listening to the story. Introducing the new vocabulary” jungle, tour, insect, chimpanzee, wear, keep your job, strange,wild man, busy, at the moment,” Reading and acting out the story Asking and answering questions to understand the […]


Revising bodyparts, listening and pointing to our parts of face, doing a listening activity , the pictures of eyes/ nose/ mouth and ears to the picture on our classbook. Each student presents his face parts “ I have two eyes, I have one nose, I have two ears, I have one mouth” Doing workbook exercises […]

kındergarten no:8

Asking and answering questions about the Picture on p:24, “ How many children are there? – three What are they doing? -Playing with toys.  What kind  of toys are there? – ball, cars, rabbit, dolls, bus, duck, cat .  What’s in the blue circle?  -bus, cat, duck . What’s in the yellow circle? – bus, […]

2nd grades no:8

Checking the workbook exercises Reading ; “I can skateboard “ learning the new vocabulary” watch, slow down, wait” practicing Can you ( run, fly, sing…? – Yes I can – No I can’t. Learning the meaning of “ I want to…”,, Understanding the story , asking and answering questions, reading and acting the story Listening […]

3rd grades no:8

A listening exercise to practice present continuous tense, choosing the right Picture , understanding what each person is doing in each Picture. A reading and listening exercise to revise the parts of the house , guessing where each person in the family is doing Reading ; A famous artist. Asking and answering questions to understand […]