Girdi yapan Yasemin Dağ

2nd grades

Listening to a story” Space Explorers” and explaining the unknown vocabulary “ planet, aliens, captain, hour, later, information, wait.”

3rd grades English blog

Checking the workbook exercises Singing and practicing the animal vocabulary with the song “ Wild and free” Playing a game with the cards to practice the sea animals , guessing what is missing.

2nd grades English blog

Checking the workbok exercises. Prepearing our own menu. Choosing and writing our favourite food for breakfast, lunch and diner. Asking and answering “ What do you have for breakfast/lunch and diner?

1st grades English blog

Doing a reading and a listening activity” the dirty sweater” Asking and answering some questions about the pictures of the story on page 90. “ Where are Benny, Prickley and Fifi? What are they doing? Whose sweater is new? What happened to the new sweater? What are they doing to clean the sweater? Does Benny […]

kindergarten English blog

Looking at the picture on our book page 66 and listening and pointing to the shapes and the classroom objects in the picture. “ crayon,scissors, colour,glue, cut, stick, circle, square, star and triangle”

1st grade english blog

Doing the workbook exercise on page 55 and practicing the new vocabulary of the unit” carrot, pumpkin, bean, potato, delicious, ,grow, cook, stir, chop.” Writing “ We’re making vegetable soup” Doing a workbook exercise to practice writing the words in the pumpkin soup song.” Chopping, eating, picking and stirring.”

kındergarten English blog

Revision of numbers( 1-9), shapes and prepositions. Playing a game with flashcards . asking and answering about the numbers, shapes and colours. Watching cartoons on youtube (theme 12. In ,on, under – It is under the table. / ESL Song & Story – learning English for kids ). Asking and answering Where’s the things are […]