1st grade

We selected a song to act on. We are practicing nowadays. We are learning the skills needed to perform a song with confidence and ease. To make learning a fun experience we play different games. In addition, we do different classroom activities to boost their confidence and overcome stage fright. To strengthen their listening and speaking skills, we watch movies and discuss at the end. Moreover, we learn different words to increase vocabulary.

1st grade English blog

Doing a listening activity on page 70; Asking and answering questions about the pictures”Where are Fifi and Prickley? What is Prickley doing? What is Fifi doing? “ washing, chopping, stirring, “”Which vegetables can you see?”tomato, carrot, patato “What are they cooking?” vegetable soup” .Listening to what Fifi and Prickley are doing and putting the pictures into right order.

Devamını Oku

1st grade English blog

Introduction to unit 6 ( what happens in the garden) talking about the picture on page 66;” Where are they ? What is each person in the picture doing?. Learning the new vocabulary( dig, plant, water, pick, wash, eat, hole, seeds, tomatoes, carrots.) Devamını Oku