1st Grade Native English Class, May 28th to June 8th


We started our fortnight by making books about the ‘Four Seasons’, so the children would learn them better. While their favorite song about the Seasons was played, the children were given four papers with the season names, one by one, as they were also handed different-colored cardboards for each season. First the Spring season was distributed, I asked them to draw simple tree ‘barks’, and then they were given little pink bits of paper and green leaves to stick on their trees. Next was the Summer season, as again they drew barks of tree and were given ‘bigger leaves’ and red paper for ‘apples’ because the trees give ‘fruits’ in summer. The same process was followed for Fall and Winter. In the next session as the four papers were all done, I instructed the children to put the seasons in order by their names, so they would look at the pictures and the words and so would remember them better. They wrote the title themselves from what was written for them on the board, and we finally punched the papers and they chose colors of pipecleaners to pass through the seasons and bind their books, while this was the third time they were reviewing the seasons. Passing through the pipecleaners was also a small-movement practice by itself!

Next, we went on to the subject of ‘Weather’, which though was taught them before, needed more practice as it is a nearly new and somehow difficult subject. The children were handed five different pages, one for each type of weather, on which I had drawn drew very basic shapes. Each weather type required a different activity. For the Sunny weather they stuck on little pieces of yellow and red pipecleaner, which unfortunately did not stick in the end, but for which they really grasped the concept I hope! For Cloudy weather, they tore and stuck bits of tissue paper to make fluffly clouds. For the Rainy weather, after they glued on the tissue paper, I brushed on a mixture of water and blue paint, or asked them to do it, then asked them to hold their papers upright, while the mixture fell down and they saw ‘it is raining.’ For Windy weather, I just brushed on the mixture all over their papers, and asked them to ‘blow hard’, like the wind, and the water splashed around the paper ‘because it was a windy weather’. For the Snowy weather, at last, they stuck little spots of tissue paper in the sky and on their grounds. After all weather pages were done, again I wrote the title on the board as they copied and put the ‘cover page’ and then chose and passed through their pipecleaners.





In the final session we talked about the five senses and how each help us, following which they did their workbooks from their grammar class. on the subject.

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Doing a reading and a listening activity” the dirty sweater”

Asking and answering some questions about the pictures of the story on page 90. “ Where are Benny, Prickley and Fifi? What are they doing? Whose sweater is new? What happened to the new sweater? What are they doing to clean the sweater? Does Benny want to drink another milkshake? Devamını Oku

1st Grade Native English Class, 14th to 25th of May

For these past two weeks we’ve been reviewing, reviewing, and reviewing! We usually started to review the subjects together in the beginning, and then while the children came to me one the others watched the English cartoons that I had chosen for them. By now we have watched Ferdinand the Bull, Rio2, and Space Jam. In the final session we worked more on our final lesson about seasons and clothes.






Sevgili Arkadaşlar Sınıfı Velileri;

Türkçe derslerimizi bol bol okuma yaparak geçiriyoruz. Kütüphanede bahçede rokette okumalar yapmaya devam ediyoruz. Bu hafta çemberde Cecü’nün Yer Cücesi kitabında olan aynı isimli hikayeyi okuduk ve çeşitli sorulara cevaplar aradık. Uygarlık ne demek? Cecü’deki ve dünyamızdaki uygarlık arasında nasıl farklar var? Cecü gezegenindeki uygarlığın dünyamıza cüceler tarafından getirilmesini mi beklemeliyiz?

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Sevgili Arkadaşlar Sınıfı Velileri,

Bu eksiklerimizi görebilmemiz için yaptığımız bir değerlendirme çalışması ile başladık. Bu çalışma sayesinde “Benim Türkçe çalışmam gerekiyormuş.” , “Benim toplama çalışmam gerekiyormuş.” gibi cümleler kurarak kendi öğrenmelerimizi düzenleme ve öz değerlendirme yapabilme şansı edindik.

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1st Grade, Native English

We started our week by doing our workbook parts about clothes. Then we went onto reviewing the objects that we use in school. We watched and sang songs about school objects, and played games about them, in which the children had to get the real objects out of a real schoolbag as the song sang each object name, and they had to be quick!


Then we did a worksheet about this, in which the children had to cut and paste both the school objects and their names under them, to help them also with reading and writing.

In the last day we watched The Croods, while the children came to me one by one and I asked and reviewed with them the words that we have learned about our school objects.


Sevgili Arkadaşlar Sınıfı Velileri,

Bu haftaya kütüphanede Çocuk Olmaya Hakkım Var kitabını inceleyerek başladık. Kitabın kapağının neden o şekilde tasarlandığını tartıştık. Haklarımız neler? Dünyadaki tüm çocukların bu haklara sahip olup olmadıklarını düşündük. Tüm sınıf olarak kitabımızdan bölümler okuyarak kitabımızı bitirdik.

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