4th Grade Native English Class, May 28th to June 8th


We continued with our theme of the videobook, while also we played some games in the middle. In one session we played a Name Game and made bubbles to choose the letters to play with. This also made us review the main lesson of past-tense verbs, for which they had to find verbs starting with the chosen letter, but in their past-tense forms.
We tried our best to finish the Wallace and Gromit Videobook of The Close Shave, for which the class had gone through so much turmoil in the past three months, and maybe getting to finish 5 out of the 6 episodes with all the unwillingness should be considered a little success in itself 

Sevgili 4A Sınıfı Velileri


Bu hafta “Benim Hikayem” kitabına başladık. Hikayeler yazmaya, hayaller kurmaya ve bu hayallerimizi kağıda döktük.

Portfolyo sunumumuz için hazırlıklar yaptık.

Yıl sonu yaklaştığından son gün yapılacak gösterilerimiz için hazırlıklara başladık. Birbirimize hatıra yazıları yazdık, anılarımızı paylaştık. Eğlenceli ve duygusal bir hafta geçirdik.

4th Grade, Native English, 14th to 25th of May

With the fourth grade these two weeks, we had some new adventures. We made crafts for different pasta shapes, where the children first made whatever they wanted, and they were quite amazing stuff artworks as well! Then, following their lesson in the grammar class about past tense verbs, I gave them small ribbons of paper, wrote different present tense verbs on them, and the children had to make the past tense forms for those verbs out of pasta.



In the next session we connected our lesson about the sheep character in the videobook to the cartoon of Shaun the sheep, while at the end of the next episode we played the Hangman game to review the words we had learned in that episode.