Sevgili Eğlence Sınıfı Velileri

Bu hafta yazım kurallarına değindik. Büyük harflerin yazımından -de ve -ki ekinin özel formülünden bahsettik. Uygulamalar yaptık.

Bu hafta portfolyo sunumumuz olduğundan çalışmalarımıza ağırlık verdik.

Karne gün için yapacağımız gösterilere hazırlandık.



5th Grade, Native English, 14th to 25th of May

We started these two weeks with first talking about the difference between ‘will’ and ‘going to’, that ‘will’ is usually used when we just decide to do something and ‘going to’ is used when we have previously planned or thought about doing something. We did some online games about this as well. In the next session we talked about the other uses for ‘will’, that, for example, it is used in promising, asking someone a favour or offering a favour, and for inviting someone. I then wrote parts of sentences on the whiteboard and the children had to understand the context and make the sentence either with will or going to.
In the next session, the lesson was mixed with a bit of a game. The children first learned how to make origami saltshakers. Then I asked them to write the names of the different jobs that they have learned in the different parts of the saltshakers. Then they would start playing them and they would see what job “they were going to have” in the future. So, they would make sentences with that job and going to. For example, “You are going to be a singer” or “I am going to be a doctor.”


In the final session, we did some writing practice as the children filled out some opinion forms about many different facets of life, and in the end we practiced the previous lesson of past-tense verbs by making the past tense forms of the verbs I gave them out of pasta.