5th GRADES blog no.10

  • Writing: a report on a survey, using but and however.Asking student’s favourite singers and which songs do they find easy to understand in English.
  • Reading the communication survey and explaining that we need to write a report after a survey.Reading the survey questions and answering them according to us.Doing exercise 2  to use key phrases when describing the number of the people.” Everybody in the group, more than half of the class, half of the people, less than half, a few people , nobody.”
  • Discussing where we use but and however” However comes at the beginning of a sentence. But comes in the middle of a sentence . Making an exercise ,matching the sentence halves, using but and however
  • Revising the communication unit by making exercises on student’s book page 26


5 th grades English blog no.8

  • Unıt two: Communication ; Asking and answering “ How often do you have face to face conversation with friends/ send a text message/an e mail/a letter / a card/call someone from a mobile phone / landline ,Use instant messaging /video chat/ symbols/emoticons / emojis/ post messages on social media? “ all the time, often, sometimes, never”
  • Asking “ How much time do you spend talking on the phone/ using instant messaging/ having face to face conversations with friends? “ and answering with “ hardly any, most, much less, much more”
  • Reading :” Emojis” reading and listening the story of emojis,  asking and answering questions to identify the main topics in the article . Introducing some new vocabulary ; Conversation, communication, creative, inventor, international , language, useful, add.
  • Practicing present continuous tense , making affirmative and negative sentences.Discussing the rules of present continuous tense

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