Sevgili Eğlence Sınıfı Velileri

Yeni bir döneme başladık. Hepimiz için hayırlı olsun. Birbirimizi çok özlemiştik. Ne yaptıklarımızı ve ödevlerimizi birbirimize sunduk. Bu dönemde ders içinde ne yapacaklarımızdan bahsettik ve beraber hangi ders hangi kitabı işleyeceğimize karar verdik. Devamını Oku


In the recent two weeks,

-We’ve carried on studing ‘Simple Past Tense’ with our class book and workbook,to make it more clear we’ve done ‘Writing with Reading’and we’ve practised it with the tests with paying attention to the time.

-They’ve written their own stories in ‘Simple Past’ and read them to their friends.While they were listening,they’ve written the verbs down that they heard which are in the past forms after that they’ve read loudly and checked if they were right or not.

-I’ve wanted them to prepare a presentation about someone ‘Who changed the world’? and the next lesson they’ve done their presentations to the class.

-We’ve had a speaking lesson to practise simple past tense,’What did you do yesterday?’

-The students’ve picked a few flashcards that I’ve brought to the classroom and they’ve written a story which is related with the cards as a group work.

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