Kındergarten blog no: 9

  • Revising classroom objects and toys.Finding the objects in the poster and colouring them. Askig and answering questions “ How many books can you see in the classroom? What’s on the table? what colour is it? Where is Teddy? Can you see a red pencil? Where is the back pack?…
  • Introduction to unit three( how many eyes) : talking about the poster “ what’s this ? Where are the children? what are they doing? Introducing the new vocabulary; eyes, nose, ear , mouth . Asking and answering questions about the parts of our face “ what’s this? Show me your eyes, Where are your ears…?   How many eyes  have you got? How many(eyes) has the sandface got?…
  • Playing Simon says game ; Simon says touch your mouth/ eyes/ nose/ ears/ arms/ legs/ hands/ feet/ head.
  • Each student comes in front of the class and teacher asks; Where is your head? Student shows,
  • T: Where are your arms/ legs/ eyes/ nose/ mouth…?      S: shows.


  • Revising bodyparts, listening and pointing to our parts of face, doing a listening activity , the pictures of eyes/ nose/ mouth and ears to the picture on our classbook.
  • Each student presents his face parts “ I have two eyes, I have one nose, I have two ears, I have one mouth”
  • Doing workbook exercises on page 25, drawing eyes, nose , ears and mouth on a face, introducing the Picture to the class .” this is a boy. He has two ears/ two eyes/ one nose and one mouth”.
  • Asking and answering questions about the pictures on clasbook page30, “ Who are they? – Benny, Prickley, Fifi. Where are they?- İn the forest What are they doing?- shaking, clapping,Stamping, bending, pointing .

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Kindergarten English blog 6


  • Family members , asking and answering about them “ who is this? “ dad , mom, sister, brother
  • Playing a board game sticking all the family members and removing one of them and asking? ”who’s missing?
  • Asking and answering about our family members.” Who is in your family? How many brothers/ sisters have you got?
  • Playing a guessing game.” Is it mom/ dad/ brother/ sister?
  • Drawing a Picture of our family , showing the Picture and presenting it.” He’s my dad , she’s my mom , this is me “ emphasising the use of he/she.
  • Introduction to unit 2 “ what’s this?” New vocabulary“ book , bag,  pencil, crayon.” Asking and answering  questions to practise.
  • Asking and answering questions about Sam , May and Anna. “ Is may/Anna a  girl? Is Sam a boy? Where are they? What are they doing? What is Anna/Sam/May doing ? What colour is  May’s/ Sam’s/ Anna’s(bag, crayons, blocks, book , pencil…?

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