5. sınıflar İngilizce blog

  • Checking WB exercises, Correcting the mistakes. A listening exercise about hobbies . new vocabulary;DIY’s handcraft, making videos. Talking about  free time activities ;Watch TV, stay in bed late, go online, collect things, paint a picture, play an instrument, blogging, writing stories, bake cakes, meet friends, go shopping / dancing/cinema ,do sports.
  • Asking and answering about our free time activities and hobbies.
  • present simple tense , making questions , doing exercises from our classbook                                                                                                                     “Do/Does……                                                                                                                                                            a) Yes they/you/I/we do   b)No they/you/I/we  don’t

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4. sınıf İngilizce blog

  • Checking workbook exercises ,correcting mistakes. Reading three postcards from our book about the children in Rangers centre and answering true / false questions to have a better understanding.Making a dialogue using the given phrases “ -hello .Are you having a good time? – Yes It’s great/ No,It’s horrible/It’s ok     -What are you doing?      _ I’m cooking sausages/patatoes/                                                                                                                       _I’m making shelter…

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2. sınıf İngilizce blog

  • Checking activity book exercises and correcting the mistakes.
  • Asking and answering questions about the insect colours, revision of new vocabulary “ camouflage, grasshopper,butterfly, leaf, warning colours, betle,  ”
  • A reading and listening activity from the book.Introducing the new vocabulary of a reading passage (Tropical, world, leaf insect, leaf, beetle, antennae, leafcutter ants)  revising the new structures  ( can I have…..?/Yes, here you are) . Emphasising the fact that a good explorer respects insects and insects are important.Explaining the meaning of respect and asking and answering questions to find some basic values to respect around us.

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Hazırlık sınıfı İngilizce blog

  • Learning the words “ baby, bear, cat, “ “ this is a bear, It’s a baby “ “This is a cat , it’s a mom…
  • A listening and pointing exercise from the book to learn mother and baby animals.A listening and matching exercise to practice the new vocabulary and structure
  • A matching and colouring activity from our workbook to revise mother and baby animals.”what’s this? This  is a  baby bear…where  is baby bear’s mother?  – follow the line and find”
  • Revision of letters “a,b,and c” “Apple , bus, cat” tracing and drawing the letters and sticking their pictures . Listening to Alphabet train song. Finding the words beginnig with these letter counting and colouring the letters “ a, b, c” Asking and answering “ – How many a/b/c’s  are there in the picture. “

3.sınıf Fen Bilgisi

Bu hafta 3. Sınıflarla dersimizde Dünya ve Güneş ile ilgili bir etkinlik yaptık. Dünyamızın kendi etrafında dönmesi sonucu oluşan gün kavramından bahsettik. Bir gün içerisinde bulunan saatlerin nasıl ölçebileceğimizi tartıştık. Etkinlik olarak da Güneş saati hazırladık.

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